How to sync offline run on another computer?

The offline runs are generated by computer A. Because of the lack of network on A, I copied the whole wandb directory to another computer B and excuted the sync command on B. But I have:

wandb: No runs to be synced.

I want to know is this way possible?

I found this issue and meet the same problem.

Hi @geyao , happy to help. Could you please provide me the command you are using to sync the run(s)? If you try to sync a single run folder, does this execute successfully?

wandb sync --project <PROJECT> --entity <ENTITY> wandb/<run-folder-name>

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Sorry for late reply. Finally, I successfully sync the run. But I have to remove this before the run starts:

The reason is in the above github issue. I don’t know if there is any solution to deal with the exist of log_code operation.

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