How to share the same views in different sweep of same project

Under the same project, each time I start a new sweep task, when I navigate to the Runs section on the left panel, I need to re-design the table column in it. If there is a way to let me share the same view? So that I don’t need to keep re-doing them.

Hello @xidianjq , thank you for writing in. Is it possible to demonstrate the behavior through a screen recording and send it here? To understand better the scenario and we can take a look into it.

Hi @xidianjq , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

ok, I will upload some screenshot.

For example, in one project, I have re-design the view of runs like that:

and in some existing sweep task, I only re-design the view of runs like that:

But when I create a new sweep task, the view of runs still looks like:

so that I need to re-design the view again manually.

I am wondering if there any way allow me to share the same view between different sweep tasks. So that I don’t need to do so everytime.

Hi @xidianjq , thank you for providing a detailed explanation of what you are experiencing. We would like to inform you that the default behavior are Sweep’s workspaces are treated as own individual workspace and their individual to them and those views don’t copy across sweeps and am happy to create a Feature Request for this one.

Hello @joana-marie. If there is such a concept, could you add my name/vote to the feature request? I run a whole bunch of sweeps and I would like to unify how they look automagically. It is very tedious customizing panels the exact same way several times! Thank you very much

Hi @xidianjq and @nishantaswani , We created a feature request and will provide update when there will be any progress for this one. Thanks for your patience.