How to save/log PipFile

I understand that WandB stores the requirements.txt as part of its logging for every experiment.
Since i use pipenv I would also like to log the PipFile. However this file is at the path-level as requirements.txt and I am prohibited from saving this file. I get the error message: globs can't walk above base_path. Is there a way to log this file?

Edit: I’ve discovered that I can use wandb.init(dir="my/project/root/dir") and can then use"Pipfile"). Now I dont have an error, but the file also is NOT being added to the files logged by the experiment. I’m guessing that I instead need to copy the Pipfile into the local wandb temp directory. Perhaps that is enough.

Hi @kevinashaw thank you for writing in! Copying Pipfile into the wandb run directory may do the trick here, did you try this? Another option would be to provide the base_path argument to your call as following"PipFile", base_path="my/project/root/dir"). Would this work for you? if not, can you please send a screenshot of the tree command output?