How to save/log PipFile

I understand that WandB stores the requirements.txt as part of its logging for every experiment.
Since i use pipenv I would also like to log the PipFile. However this file is at the path-level as requirements.txt and I am prohibited from saving this file. I get the error message: globs can't walk above base_path. Is there a way to log this file?

Edit: I’ve discovered that I can use wandb.init(dir="my/project/root/dir") and can then use"Pipfile"). Now I dont have an error, but the file also is NOT being added to the files logged by the experiment. I’m guessing that I instead need to copy the Pipfile into the local wandb temp directory. Perhaps that is enough.

Hi @kevinashaw thank you for writing in! Copying Pipfile into the wandb run directory may do the trick here, did you try this? Another option would be to provide the base_path argument to your call as following"PipFile", base_path="my/project/root/dir"). Would this work for you? if not, can you please send a screenshot of the tree command output?

Hi @kevinashaw I wanted to follow up on this issue, did you try any of the suggested workarounds? Is the file still not logged? thanks!

Hi @kevinashaw since we haven’t heard back from you, I will go ahead and close this ticket for now. Please let us know if this issue still occurs for you, and we will be happy to reopen this and keep investigating!

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