How to have wandb print how long experiment ran on console?

I always print this string:

wandb: Find logs at: ./wandb/run-20211001_135946-18loi2se/logs/debug.log
-- wandb finished
time_passed_msg = time passed: hours:0.0714601335922877, minutes=4.287608015537262, seconds=257.2564809322357

but it’s sort of annying if I am already running wandb.finish. Is it possible to have wandb print it for me? (especially to save it on my wandb log/print std out file?)

Hi Brando,

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, wandb.finish() does not support printing functionality. As a workaround, you can call your print call right before calling wandb.finish() and the message will be saved into your wandb logs.



I wanted to follow up on this issue to check if it has been resolved or if I can help you with anything else.