How to add prior runs to Sweep via Python API?

Sweeps FAQ describes a way of adding prior runs to a new sweep via Web/GUI:

Is there a way to add extra values to a sweep, or do I need to start a new one?

You cannot change the Sweep configuration once a W&B Sweep has started. But you can go to any table view, and use the checkboxes to select runs, then use the Create sweep menu option to create a new Sweep configuration using prior runs.

How do I do the same using WandB Python API?


Hi @avm21, thanks for writing in! This isn’t possible at this moment as this feature is only available through the UI. I can for sure create a feature request if you would like to have this feature available in the future, would you mind explaining to me your use case? Thanks!

Hi @luis_bergua1, thanks for your response!

My use case is the same as in what the UI feature is for. I first did several manual Runs, then a grid search Sweep or two, and later decided that I want to continue my hyperparameter search using Bayesian optimisation, and I don’t want the previous runs be wasted.

The only difference is that I would like to select relevant Runs for inclusion into the new sweep programmatically, just because I find this more convenient.

Thanks for confirming this @avm21! I’ll share this feedback internally with our product team.

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