Getting back to where you left off!

I want to ask the community how you deal with project gaps.

I’ve been working on a research project for 3-4 months until I had to pause it to prepare for my semester exams.
It’s been more than a month or so since I worked on my project. I appreciate suggestions from the community to help me get back to where I left off asap.!

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(Note: I am making assumptions about your project given the context of the community.)

I haven’t worked on projects that last that long. But, when I study or learn something there are often gaps varying from weeks to even months.

The notes I take during that process is what helps me jump back with relative ease. I also sort of mark off what I did last or where I left off last.

If you haven’t taken any notes or alternatives like

  • frequently committing your work to a GitHub repo with good comments, or
  • maintaining some list of past experiments and results

then the only thing I can recommend is to just go into experiment mode.

  • run your code a bunch of times and play around with whatever you can (like hyperparameters as a simple example) to try and see what you can recall
  • glance over some of the research papers you read last to try to jumpstart some of the ideas you might have been considering previously
  • something like this helped me once somehow → if feasible, check out your browser history from around that time and try to connect the dots

Maybe some others have better suggestions for this, but I don’t think there’s much to be done if you haven’t maintained much of a record of what you were doing.

It’s not always apt, but does hold at times as per me!


Thanks for your suggestions.
As I said, it’s a research-based project, so it is time-consuming.
I do have notes. And I’ll probably start from there as you suggested!