Filter GPU curves in the system panel

Me and a colleague are sharing a remote server with 8 GPUs. We split them, 4 GPUs each. In the system panel at the WANDB page I currently see data of all 8 GPUs. Is it possible to filter some of those curves, so I’ll only see the GPUs I’m using?

Many thanks

Hi @yonatan-shimoni thank you for writing in! Just to clarify here, is this for the System view that you can access from the left panel of an individual Run, or is it at the System panels section in your Project’s Workspace? You can select which GPUs to visualise there by editing the Chart (pencil icon) as in the attached screenshot. Would this help?

Yes, that is what I was looking for. Thanks.

Hi @yonatan-shimoni thank you for confirming this, and glad this is now resolved for you! I will close the ticket for now, but please feel free to message us here if you have any further questions or issues with this.

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