System Charts in a Run

Hello WandB
I was looking to get process gpu usage vs time graph but i am not getting the data even in the system metrics.
I can download the graphs by going into the dashboard and save the graphs in my local but i want to automate this in my python because it is difficult to go into my dashboard for every single graph for every single run.
is there anyway i can load system charts in a run into my local using API without the need for dashboard like the way i can download all the run files Is it possible to download all the system charts from my python script using wandb Api
You can please it add as requested feature if it is not available

Hi @akhilcngls!

Thank you for writing in!

To confirm, you are interested in being able to download system metrics of a particular run using the wandb public API, right?


Yes and I also want the url’s for visualisation charts from my api

Thank you for your quick follow up @akhilcngls!

Downloading your system metrics would look something like this:

import wandb
api = wandb.Api()

run ="<entity>/<project>/<run_id>")
system_metrics = run.history(stream="events")

It will save your system metrics into a CSV file for you.

Could you please elaborate on this?

I also want the url’s for visualization charts from my api

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