Feature Request: Add sweep ID column to "Sweeps" page

The “Sweeps” page currently had a lot of useful information including sweep name, state, run count, compute time, etc.

I believe the Sweeps page would greatly benefit from adding another column - the sweep ID (the 8-character long randomly generated ID).

This short ID is very useful for setting up logging and checkpoint directories and adding job names to SLURM jobs due to its fixed length of 8 characters. Without this piece of information in the “Sweeps” page itself, one had to click on each sweep to find its 8-character sweep ID, which can then be used to identify its checkpoint & logging directories, slurm job IDs, etc. Going from sweep ID to sweep name is also a bit inconvenient – given just a sweep ID, one has to edit the URL of a random sweep, reach the particular sweep’s page and then find it’s name.

Please add the sweep ID as a column to the sweeps page (not necessarily as a default column, but an optional one that users can include or exclude)!

@nmodhe - I’d be happy to make this feature request - just to clarify: are you referring to the following sweeps page? and currently the ids are displayed provided that a sweep name isn’t specified in your script. just to confirm: is your request to add an additional column with the id provided that the sweep name is set in your training script?

Hi @nmodhe - since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know

Thank you for the clarification! My scripts indeed have been replacing the sweep IDs with the sweep name for so many years now that I had forgot that the original sweep name was actually the 8-character ID.

One solution this allows is to fetch the sweep ID and add it to the sweep name set by my scripts. However, this is still not as clean a solution as just having an option to add a Sweep ID column (independent of the name).