Excluding some hyperparameter combinations from a sweep


Is there any option to exclude some specific hyperparameters combination from a sweep?
Say that I want to run a sweep over lambda1 = [1, 0] and lambda2=[0,1] (i.e., there
are 4 options in total (1,0) (0,0) (1, 1) (0, 1)). However, I don’t want to run the (0,0) option. Is there a way of doing that nicely?


Hello @yurman!

It sounds like you would like a variation of conditional sweeps or having conditional sweep parameters. However, as of right now this option isn’t available. We are soon supporting external sweep controllers such as Optuna and Hyperopt soon which will be able to help you with this usecase, but as of right now we don’t support excluding certain hyperparameter combinations from a sweep.

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