Error installing @wandb/sdk

Hi - tried to install JS lib with most recent langchain version, but failed.
When i forced install, there was a runtime error as well. Maybe SDK hasn’t caught up to most recent langchain version?

Hi @benjaminrigby thanks so much for reporting this issue. We’ve just released 0.4.0 to address this, could you please install the newest wandb-js version and check if that would work for you?

Hi @benjaminrigby we’ve released v0.5.0 to additionally tackle an issue with LangChain. Could you please try to install this version and try your code again? Thank you!

Hi @benjaminrigby since we haven’t heard back from you and the issue seems to have been resolved in our latest version, I will close this ticket now. If you’re still experiencing any issues please let us know, and we will be happy to keep investigating.