Error in W&B_Prompts_Quickstart notebook

I have the following error while running W&B_Prompts_Quickstart notebook

Hi @tinsae thanks for reporting this issue. There’s a breaking change with newer LangChain version, and the Growth team is working on a fix.

You could run the Prompts Quickstart notebook for now by pinning a previous LangChain version which I just tested and seems to be working fine. Could you please change the installation section as follows:

!pip install "wandb>=0.15.2" -qqq
!pip install "langchain==v0.0.158" openai

Would this work for you?

That worked. Thank you!

Thank you @tinsae for the confirmation! We’re planning on moving the integration to LangChain repo over the next days, so that this would be compatible with any newer versions. I will close this one for now, but please feel free to reopen this if you had more issues/questions.

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