Error 429 Rate limit being excedded

Hi, I am trying to run some evaluations which are quick but several in number. My processes are getting stuck and I am getting 429 error filestream rate limit excedded. The evaluations that used to take less than a minute are taking > 30 minutes and sometimes just freeze.
Can someone help me with this issue?

Hi Prateek,

Thank you for reaching out for support.

I’ll be glad to assist you regarding your concern. Let me check on my end what I can do but for the meantime can you provide a few things for me please.

  • The account that you are using to WandB
  • Are you using our public instance ( or private instance (your own domain)
  • If you are on public, can you also provide the link to your profile?
  • Can you provide a screen recording or screenshots of the process you are going through before getting the 429 error that you are experiencing.

Carlo Argel

Hi @prateeky2806 , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

Hi here are the details.

Account: prateeky2806, it is a public and free account.
Link to profile: Weights & Biases

I do not have a screenshot as of now but It happens whenever I run more than a few processes in parallel, Also I am not doing anything fancy, I am just using huggingface trainer with wandb logging while evaluating some models.

This is one of the runs where I get the rate limit exceeded error

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