Empty group name

By my mistake, group name is changed to empty.
When I click the group with empty name, it always redirect to project workspace.
I can’t find any options make me enable to change the empty group name.
How can I change the empty group name.
It’s so inconvenient.

Hey there, can you share the link to the project where this happens?

Here is the link.

There are 4 groups as following:
Group: CIFAR10
Group: ← this is issue
Group: rotMNIST

Thank you, we are investigating the issue.

Hey Byungjin,

Thanks for sharing your workspace, this was escalated to me and after a bit of further investigation I can confirm that there are two ways that you can fix this:

  1. A quick User Interface(UI) fix would be to select all groups not in "" when using filters on your runs, I have attached a screengrab of this.

  2. To use API with the following code- or something similar in your own logic. I have left print statements in to show that empty strings are actually being printed.
    api = wandb.Api()
    runs_in_project = api.runs('<project_name>')
    rename = 'new name'
    for run in runs_in_project:
    if run.group=='':
    print(f'empty run {run.group}')
    run.group = rename
    print(f'renamed run{run.group}')

I would also like to submit this as a bug report and we will fix this as a UI issue.

Hi Byungjin,

We wanted to follow up with you regarding your support request as we have not heard back from you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

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sorry for late response.
Unfortunately, the ‘run’ doesn’t have group attribute.
The ‘group’ is a attribute of wandb.Run, not api.run.
Therefore your 2nd solution is not working.

HI Byungjin,

Thanks for being back in touch. I can update you that our engineering team are taking this forward to fix this for you. Could I ask you to share a code snippet of how you are calling the api and attempting to access the group attribute as well as any error(s) tracebacks/messages that you are seeing?

Hi Byungjin,
I am messaging to ask if you needed any further help with this and can confirm that the bug that you reported is now fixed in our UI.

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