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I am loving and all it can do for me. I have a question whose answer I cannot find anywhere.
Among the various fields in the wandb.config file are a few that wandb generates automatically. One of them is Description. I tried setting it from a Python program via my configuration file, but to no avail. So I am wondering how to set the Description field programmatically. This will allow me to “describe” several hundred simulations for easy retrieval. Thanks,

Hello @erlebacher ,

You can pass a notes string to initialization, like: wanbd.init(notes='my special run') or modify it on the run through run.notes(eg.; r.notes='xx').

Thanks! This makes sense.

As a continuation of my question: When looking at a series of runs on wandb, I can filter by Description, by cannot filter by Notes. My current Notes field is empty, but why this restriction? Thanks.

Hi @erlebacher , descriptions are associated with Artifacts. Artifacts have a natural hierarchy where the latest Artifact **latest** alias to the logged version. Are you asking if you can sort Artifacts?

Thanks. I have not gotten to artifacts as yet, so no, I am not asking about sorting artifacts. When looking at Runs on, two of the columns are labeled Description and Note. I was enquiring about those two fields only and whether can select subsets of records based on specific words in either Note or Description.

@erlebacher, thank-you for clarifying. The runs table can’t be sorted by Notes/Descriptions. There are other fields you can filter by including Tags, Group, Type , ect.

Thank you, @mohammadbakir . I am wondering why did the W&B developers decide not to include Notes and Descriptions in the list of items that can be filtered? Is it a lack of implemented string functions? I am surprised given that W&B is already full-featured.

Hi @erlebacher , It’s pretty expensive to do pattern filtering in MySQL, especially on a large column like notes . The engineering team decided this feature will not be implemented. I will mark this resolved but please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

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