Deletion of Users and Teams using W&B Python SDK API

Dear WandB Customer Support,

Currently I am trying to manage users and teams using the W&B Python SDK API and following the following two pages:

I have few questions:

  1. Member.delete() : It is mentioned that I can delete a user from a Team. But there is no attribute “members” in team object. As I missing something or doing something wrong ? Could you please send me the working example or code that I can try my myself. I am using wandb 0.16.1.

  2. Do you have possibility in your python SDK to remove/delete a user from the organization ?

  3. Do you have any option to delete the whole Team from the organization ?

The option-2 and -3 would be quite useful for us because we would like to manage the whole organization using python SDK that will create and delete the users from a single file.

Zeeshan Shareef

Hi @zeeshanshareef! I’ll close this thread out on Discourse since we do have the same feature request from you through email. Let’s keep in touch over email, and if you need any updates regarding the feature request please feel free to follow up on the other thread.