Cumulative max (highwater mark) for distributed training and sweep

Hello everybody!
have an algorithm that I run 10 times, and return the best run by a cumulative maximum - So for each run, I log the highest(cumulative) validation score of the entire run.

I ran 7 of these, and grouped them together aggregating with maximum. However, since each experiment validates at different timestep, the resulting graph is not a cumulative maximum of the entire 7 runs. That happens because at each validation point, not all runs are present. What I got, with what I want to achieve marked in red:

enter image description here

  1. Is this achievable?
  2. How can I set a sweep that uses the cumulative validation of the entire experiment (the red line, not a single trial)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Eyal,

This is possible! You can do this by clicking on the edit icon on the top right of the plot (it looks like a pencil) From there, go to the grouping tab and turn the runs toggle on. Afterwards, you can aggregate by max and see the graph that you wanted

Hi Eyal,

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