Coordinate wandb local across two laptops

Hi Wandb Community!

I have a laptop in my office that I am able to run wandb local on and sync my ML experiments to my account email address. My company gave me another laptop to work from on the road and I would like to set up wandb local on that laptop to streamline ML experiments I do in office and on the road.

On my laptop, I have wandb and docker installed successfully. I can also run wandb local successfully. However, I’m not sure if I need to copy the same api key and license over for the single account to work on both machines. Is there a smart way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

wand: 0.12.18
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
docker: 20.10.17

@aclifton314 ,

Thank you for writing in with your question. Local is explicitly an “on-device” service.If you want to share data across devices, you would want to host you instance on a server to be able to reach it from anywhere, otherwise your two laptops wont share data. You can however still use the individual machine to sync data back/forth to W&B cloud, pull experiments/runs/metrics/ ect. to the individual machines. If this is your intended approach then you can copy the same API and Local License key to both machines. Here is a quick reference on how to switch between a private instance and the wandb cloud when you need to sync the data. Please let us know if you have additional questions.