Can't toggle button for magic link to share report

Hi there, I’m new to W&B and was exploring the Report functionality. When trying to share a report publicly I’m unable to toggle the radio button for “Anyone with the magic link can view”, and thus unable to see and share the magic link. From looking through documentation it doesn’t appear as though any other settings are required to be set on my end, but I’ve wondered if I’ve missed something. I’m using W&B through a free personal use account, and I’ve tried this on Chrome and Safari. I was thinking this feature might have been paywalled recently but I was unable to find if that had been the case. Thanks!

Hi @nicholaskinnaird, thanks for reporting this! Could you please send me a link to the affected report and so I can have a look at it? It’d be really useful if you could also send me a quick video showing this behaviour with the browser logs (In Chrome, right click → inspect).

Hi Luis, thanks for the help.

The html link to the affected report is: Weights & Biases

I switched my account to public in case that would help you see the page, though when I try going to that link in an incognito window it leads to a no-access page.

Here’s a screen shot with the inspect window open on the right, and then after that is a link to a ~30s video stored in my Google drive. It says “disabled” so it definitely looks turned off intentionally. When I host wandb locally rather than the cloud I can share a report via the magic link button with no issues.

Hi @nicholaskinnaird, thanks for sharing the link and the video! I can see you have a copy of this report which is working properly. Would it work for you to use that copy or clone the existing report and use any of these in the meantime? We’ll keep investigating this to figure out what’s the root cause of the issue.

Hey Luis, I made the copy of the report just in case I ended up losing the original report for some reason. I don’t think I ever tried sharing that copy, but like you said it appears to be working properly. I can definitely work with that in the meantime, thanks for the suggestion! Thanks for the help!

Hey @nicholaskinnaird, thanks for your answer and for your patience! Our engineers had a look at the issue and they were able to fix it so the magic link button is working properly now! I tested and I can enable it, could you please confirm me this is also working properly on your end? Thanks!

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