Can't seem to get a smooth login process on my GCP VM

Hi there I’m having a tough time getting simple logging up and running on my python scripts in my GCP VM.

I edit: tried to log into wandb once i SSH’d into my GCP VM but had to manually had to enter the API key because copy/paste doesn’t work in GCP VM CLI that popped up after i SSH’d in.

Therafter when I do “wandb status” i see the following:
Current Settings
“_extra_http_headers”: null,
“_proxies”: null,
“api_key”: null,
“base_url”: “”,
“entity”: null,
“git_remote”: “origin”,
“ignore_globs”: ,
“project”: null,
“root_dir”: null,
“section”: “default”

It seems like it didn’t login? I suspect it has to do with manually having to type this stuff in and making errors- any chance someone can walk me through how to set wandb up in a GCP VM properly ?

the content of the netrc file is login user and the password so relogin didn’t work either.

if you guys have a workaround happy to hear it.

hey @abemdxb,

]To avoid having to log in manually each time, you can set your WANDB_API_KEY as an environment variable. This way, wandb can authenticate automatically without prompting for the key.

Here’s how you can set up your environment variable for wandb:

  1. Find your API key: Log in to your Weights & Biases account, and you’ll find your API key there.
  2. Set the environment variable: You can add the following line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile file to set the WANDB_API_KEY environment variable:
export WANDB_API_KEY='your_api_key_here'

Replace your_api_key_here with the actual API key you obtained from the W&B settings page.
3. Source your profile: After adding the line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile, run the following command to apply the changes:

source ~/.bashrc

Or if you added it to ~/.bash_profile:

source ~/.bash_profile
  1. Verify the setup: To verify that the environment variable is set correctly, you can echo it in your terminal:

This should print out your API key.
5. Use wandb in your scripts: Now, when you run your Python scripts that use wandb, it should automatically authenticate using the API key set in the environment variable, and you won’t need to log in manually.

Here’s an example of how you might use wandb in your script:

import wandb

# Initialize a new run

# Log some metrics
for i in range(10):
    wandb.log({"metric": i})

By setting the WANDB_API_KEY environment variable, wandb will authenticate using that key, and you should not be prompted to log in again, even when starting new sessions or using tmux.

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