Problem logging in WandB from Ubuntu Server

Hello everyone, I am currently having an issue to login to wandb on my ubuntu 22.04 server using wandb login.
See the message below:

→ 124 raise ManagerConnectionRefusedError(message) 125 except Exception as e: 126 raise ManagerConnectionError(f"Connection to wandb service failed: {e}") ManagerConnectionRefusedError: Connection to wandb service failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused.

I have been able to login on wandb with the same key on a laptop (WSL2) located in the same network. I have tried to troubleshoot the issue. I am able to ping the Wandb API on the Ubuntu server. I may suspect this has something to do with firewall or certificates. I tried what was mentioned here: Troubleshooting | Weights & Biases Documentation without success.
Any idea how to resolve the issue?
Thanks a lot

Hello @francois-baillard !

This issue may be that you cannot access certain filepaths that wandb uses from that script. Could you add a os.environ['WANDB_DISABLE_SERVICE']='True' before your wandb.init() call and check to see if you get a PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/.config/wandb'?

If so, you should set the following:

os.environ['WANDB_DISABLE_SERVICE'] = 'True'

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