Cannot create new project under username entity

In this page, I can’t find the following options: Project DefaultsDefault location to create new projects, just like the following screenshot of the document: Project Page | Weights & Biases Documentation (

I can only find this relevant option: Default teamDefault location to create new projects.

And there is no personal option in the drop down menu. When I call wandb.init(), the entity parameter must be filled with the team name to creat a new project. I use the username for entity, I get the following error:

wandb: Currently logged in as: chenhui-guo. Use `wandb login --relogin` to force relogin
wandb: ERROR Error while calling W&B API: entity chenhui guo not found during upsertBucket (<Response [404]>)
wandb: ERROR It appears that you do not have permission to access the requested resource. Please reach out to the project owner to grant you access. If you have the correct permissions, verify that there are no issues with your networking setup.(Error 404: Not Found)

Is there any way to create a new project without using team? Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @chenhui-guo , thank you for writing in and happy to help. Could you please provide the following to further investigate the issue:

  • WandB Username and Email
  • Code snippet you used for calling wandb.init()
  • WandB version/SDK version you currently use
  • Is this a new wandb account that was recently created ?

Hi @joana-marie , here is some information.

  1. Username: chenhui-guo, Email:
  2. The code snippet looks like this
import wandb

user = "chenhui-guo"
project = "capsules"
display_name = "experiment-2021-10-31"

wandb.init(entity=user, project=project, name=display_name)
  1. WandB version is 0.17.3.
  2. Yes, it’s a newly created account.

Hello @chenhui-guo , thank you for providing all the requested details. As part of our new Community Plan, you should log to your Team Entity. And we’ll also make necessary changes to the referred docs.

@joana-marie Thank you for your reply! Looking forward to the latest reference documentation.

Our pleasure to help~, we’ll keep you posted once our doc were updated.

Updated docs are now up! Thank you for your patience~ Marking this as resolved, feel free to reach us out anytime you have concern. Have an awesome day!