Batch size and other config parameters are inaccessible in the dashboard

I run this line right before the training loop:

wandb.config = {
"train_steps": train_steps,
"batch_size": batch_size,
"unet1_dim": unet1_dim,
"unet2_dim": unet2_dim,
"unet_training": unet_training,

But on the dashboard, I can’t seem to find anything related to batch size. All of the data logged with wandb.log is present, but nothing about my hyperparameters. It may be relevant that I’m running offline and syncing with the command wandb sync --sync-all.

Hello Jaden!

Could try logging your wandb.config using the following code snippet? Just in case, some further documentation on logging your config can be found here.

config = { "train_steps": train_steps, "batch_size": batch_size, "unet1_dim": unet1_dim, "unet2_dim": unet2_dim, "unet_training": unet_training }
wandb.init(project = '<your-project>', config = config)
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