Bar chart expressions not working (no error message or change in visualization)

Hello, I have been unable to make a bar chart showing the differences between a set of fixed “True” values and the final/summary output of their predicted counterparts within a sweep. Can this be done in wandb and if so, how?

My approach was to use ${summary:Train_loss} - ${Train_exact} in the expression panel of a bar chart which had Train_loss as the x data input. I have also tried simple commands such as subtracting scalar values from the summarized loss but those have also failed.



I recently received an email notification from the helpdesk but there is no response content, just a copy of my original post. I am not sure if this is an error or an unknown quirk of how works. Please advise.

Hey @cr_97, I am digging into this issue further, and will update you as progress arises. For now I recommend the following workaround:

  • Exporting Train_loss and Train_exact as CSV files, creating the bar chart in your Python script, then uploading that to wandb (or alternatively uploading a table of the differences to wandb and generating the bar chart in our UI)
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@cr_97 This is currently a bug on our end and our engineering team is actively working on it. I will update this thread with any progress that arises

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Thank you very much for looking into this. It is much appreciated.

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Hey Christoff,

Just letting you know that a fix has been merged for this and will be available in our next release within the next few weeks.