Automation after finishing run/sweep

Is there any way to trigger CI/CD after run/sweep finishes? I am mainly interested in triggering CI/CD after a sweep is finished!

Hey @leander-kurscheidt! Here you have the available event types. Currently, those only apply to artifacts so you could trigger the CI/CD when a new version is added at the end of the run.

ah ok, I am mainly interested in running some analysis at the end of some sweep. So this would trigger if some artifact is uploaded, but that doesn’t mean the run is finished (due to a sort of race conditions). I would also have to figure out the sweep from the artifact and see whether it’s done? Not entirely sure how to do it though

Hey @leander-kurscheidt! Exactly, you could use our Public API (docs here) to check which run logged the artifact and if it’s part of a sweep or not