Api key + entity verification

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been using this package for the past year to keep track of all my phd experiments (it is awesome!!!). I am in the process of developing an application (using streamlit) that makes use of my neural network framework more accessible to users. For that reason, I want to provide users with the ability to use their wandb credentials to start logging results to their accounts. As far as I understand you need a valid API key and entity. Is there a way to verify that this API_key+entity combination exists?? Passing a random 40 character string in the key parameter of wandb.login() returns true, so I suspect that it only checks the length of the key and not if it actually exists. I guess I can try logging to a dummy project and then catch an exception (this means that the API key or the entity name is wrong) but I’m looking for something more elegant.


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