API and Website out of sync

Hi, I ran a sweep and I’m finding the API (using python) and the website dashboard report different data regarding the runs. For example, the API says that the sweep contains a different number of runs than the website dashboard says. Also, the status for certain runs is also out of sync (e.g. according to API the run is still “running” but according website the run finished 4hrs ago). I’m wondering why the two are so out of sync? Is there anything I can do to sync them? I’ve deleted all the run files locally so I assume both would be calling the same backend… It’s also been several hours so I don’t think it’s just a momentary lapse.

Hi @omar-s could you send me a link to the run and I can take a look?

Also, could you send me the code snippet you are using to access the run vie the API?

These should be in sync since they both are polling their data from the same source but I’d like to test this and see if I see the same behavior you are seeing.

Thank you,

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