Advanced legend doesn't display properly or displays [Object Object]

I am trying to customize the legend on plots using the Advanced Legend syntax. But have a couple of problems there. Here is the workspace/plot: Weights & Biases

I am using the following string in the advanced legend: A=(${config:spec.url}) B=(${config:url}) C=${config:spec_name}

This should render as `A=(http:\ B=(http:\ C=(google) but:

  1. It renders as A=( ) B=(http:\\ C=google
  2. The “on hover” legend renders as A=( ) B=([Object Object]) C=google

Are those bugs in wandb or I don’t get sth?

Hi @wjaskowski thanks for writing in and happy to help. I reviewed your workspace and your legend expression is correct. The legend label does render correctly but as you mentioned the tooltip does not. This appears to be a bug on our end with how the tooltip handles URL visualization. I reported it to our eng team and will update you once I hear back on a fix. Thanks for reporting!

Thx for looking into @mohammadbakir! But why do you say that the legend renders correctly when it renders A=( ) instead of A=(https:\\

Hi @wjaskowski , apologies. I made some test edits o a copy of your workspace and used A=(${config:spec_url}) which renders correctly. Your exact example isn’t rendering.

Which means that this is another bug, isn’t it?

Correct, it is a bug.

Thank you @mohammadbakir for confirming that. This drove me crazy for a while :/. Is there a place where I can track the status of this bug?

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