Wandb Feature Request - Using Run "State" in Charts

How can you make the State column optional in chart creation? As far as I know it isn’t. I would like to suggest this as a feature as it would be very useful in debugging sweeps. For instance you could make a parallel lines plot to see if there are commonalities in configuration that lead to failed states. You could also use an importance plot to find which configurations are correlated with failed states. Much of this testing could probably happen earlier in code, but in case it doesn’t this small feature would be of great help to the developer :smiley:

Hi @mjvolk3, thank you for taking the time to raise this feature request and provide details about a use case where it would improve your workflow - I will log this with our product team for review.

In the meantime, as a workaround to visualise failed Runs and potentially identify any configuration that may lead to the failure, I would suggest making use of the Runs filters and Workspace View features. With these, you could:

  • Create a filter in the project workspace, showing only Runs in Failed state and configure the panels you believe could be most useful in identifying why the Run may be failing
  • Create a Saved View (see docs on the Workspace View feature) with this set of Runs and panels, which would allow to quickly move from visualising all Runs to only visualising failed runs with selected panels. Please let me know if you have any questions on the above
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