W&B Launch on Sagemaker using BYOI (Bring your own image)

I was able to get the Default W&B Launch to work using the following settings:

  • Queue config:
RoleArn: <arn:aws: ...>
  InstanceType: ml.m4.xlarge
  InstanceCount: 1
  VolumeSizeInGB: 2
  S3OutputPath: <s3://...>
  MaxRuntimeInSeconds: 3600
  • Job config:
  • launch-config.yaml:
    type: aws
    region: us-east-2

    type: ecr
    repository: my-ecr-repository

However, the W&B agent could not create the docker image correctly.

Alternatively, we have the Bring your own image (BYOI) approach, in which I could not find any directions or examples to configure the W&B agent to use an image in ECR .

Hi @celsofranssa thanks for writing in! Could you please provide us with more information what was the issue with W&B agent. Regarding BYOI, have you checked the Configure the Launch agent section in our Docs? Would this help? Launch on SageMaker | Weights & Biases Documentation

Hi @celsofranssa just checking in here to see if you’ve tried following the section from the Docs page shared above? and if you could tell us more what errors you’ve encountered to help further? Thanks!

Actually, this documentation is not helping. Please, share the complete configuration to launch using my image on AWS ECR instead of letting the W&B Launch agent build one.

Hi @celsofranssa apologies for late reply here. I wanted to follow up and try to help you configure Launch on your end to use the image on AWS ECR. Would it be possible to share what steps you’ve followed so far, and why it won’t work for you to use your image? For sagemaker, as long as the image is something as ecr.io/ and your SM instance can pull it, it should work.

Hi @celsofranssa just checking in here to see if you were able to use your image from ECR? Please let us know if your issue has been resolved or if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

Hi @celsofranssa since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know and we will be happy to keep investigating!

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