View Normalized Confusion Matrix from the Web UI


I’ve logged a lot of data using wandb.sklearn.plot_classifier(model,X_train=X_train,X_test=X_test,y_train=y_train,y_test=y_test,y_pred=y_pred,y_probas=y_probas,labels=labels,model_name=model_name,feature_names=None)

On the web UI, how can I view the NORMALIZED confusion matrix on the web UI?


Hey @ahs63, you can get a normalized confusion matrix in the UI using our wandb.sklearn.plot_confusion_matrix function along with the normalize='true' parameter:

import wandb

# Get the true and predicted labels
y_true = ...
y_pred = ...
labels = ...

# Plot the confusion matrix
wandb.sklearn.plot_confusion_matrix(y_true, y_pred, labels, normalize='true')

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