Unable to adjust line thickness in line chart

I’m trying to adjust the thickness of the lines in the line chart, but after adjusting them there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding effect. (I have given screenshots below.)

    I am still unable to resolve the problem after several restarts of my computer, reopening of web pages, and re-creating projects. 
    I don't know if this is a problem with my operation (the same operation was WORK a month ago) or if the system is experiencing a bug.
    I had to contact you in the hope that you can solve the problem I am experiencing.

    Thank you very much if you offer me help.

Hi @lzhmeng1688 ,
thank you for flagging this. I tried to repo and it is the same on my end. I will discuss this internally if there could be other things to set up before the change of pixel size to be reflected, or this could be a bug. I’ll update you once I gather needed information.

Hello @lzhmeng1688 after discussion, we classified this as a bug and filed it for a fix. We’ll keep you posted once it is done.

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@joana-marie Thanks for your help, I am eagerly anticipating this feature, but it has been 23 days, and it has not been fixed yet.

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Hello, I actually noticed this thing a long time before Jan 7, maybe four or five months… I would really appreciate it if you could solve it. Thank you so much :slight_smile: