Trying to delete sweep gives 'queue <sweep_id> not found' error, and sweep keeps persisting

I’ve recently started using W&B sweeps more extensively. While I manage to delete a couple of my sweeps, others cannot be deleted. Instead, when I click ‘Delete sweep’, I get the error message as shown in the screenshot. The sweep and all it’s runs continues to persist.

Is there a way to delete them nonetheless? For now I’m just deleting all the runs the sweeps contain as well as rename them to ‘del’, so that I know which sweeps I don’t want to keep.

Here are some of my sweeps which cannot be deleted: 09fr3i51, 3ky163x9, 33c9m933

Hi @cga , thank you for reporting this. This appears to be a regression on our end and we are working on a fix. Will update you once a fix is released.

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Hi @cga , this is now fixed and sweeps can be deleted. Thanks again for flagging! Marking resolved.

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