Training yoloX

i am trying to enable logging for yolox nano, but when i start training i get this error :

File “/content/YOLOX/yolox/utils/”, line 206, in init
self.cats = val_dataset.cats
│ └ < object at 0x7f6f1d379e10>
└ <yolox.utils.logger.WandbLogger object at 0x7f6f1e77ed10>

AttributeError: ‘VOCDetection’ object has no attribute ‘cats’

also this is my colab code:
!python tools/ -f exps/example/yolox_voc/ -d 1 -b 16 --fp16 -o --logger wandb wandb-project object-detectiontemp -c weights/yolox_nano.pth

could you please guide me or give me some hints on what should i do ?
because as i see there is a val_dataset variable, but i have no idea how do you fill that .


Hi @phoenix64 ! Engineer from W&B here. The reason for this issue is that currently we support only COCO style datasets in YOLOX. We are working on creating it for VOC as well

Hi @phoenix64 , please see @manan-goel response above and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

thank you so much,
is it determined approximately when would the new version for this out?
i am saying that cause i was following this Training your own YoloX Object Detection Model on Colab - YoloX Object Detection Model Deployment - YouTube and they did no further configuration and get the result.
is there any older version of that for example that work and i can use it for now?

Hi @phoenix64 , we cannot give an exact timeline on when this will be released. Please see this wandb report on YoloX.

Hi @phoenix64 ! A PR for this is up now

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