Track power/energy consumption?

Hey all,

I wondered if there was a way to track system power consumption caused by model development? I’ve checked the W&B docs and can’t see anything.
Ideally I’d love to be able to keep track of runs to see how much power is used by different runs but also the whole project.

Elsewhere I’ve seen packages such as energyusage but ideally would like to use something more integrated and could be aggregated across runs for whole projects.
If something already exists I’d love to hear about it, otherwise either if W&B fancied adding this functionality that would be great or if it came to it if anyone would like to help me with this project.



We have this example that shows how to do this with CodeCarbon.–VmlldzoxMzM1NDg3

You would use that library and log the info yourself. I do appreciate the feature request to integrate these more tightly.
Thanks, hope this helps

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Hi Scott,

This is great, thank you. I wasn’t aware of CodeCarbon so I’ll take a look. Great as always that W&B has a nice article with an example to follow along with.


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