Tensorflow + Transformers Hyperparameter Sweeping Example(s)

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I followed along with the new MLOps course and I am trying to adapt what I learned there to a different framework/scenario. I am working with a sequence-to-sequence transformer model (NLP), utilizing Tensorflow as the framework. I am at the point where I would like to leverage a sweep to optimize hyperparameters. I am struggling to find a good example. Can anyone point me to something that is close to what I am trying to achieve? Mainly how to perform sweeps with TF and then I can go from there. Thank you!

Here’s a post from the a W&B community member that is close to what you want. It uses PyTorch with HF but the concepts are very similar. Hope that helps.

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Here’s a Tensorflow & sweeps example too:

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Thank you @_scott - very helpful!

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