Stop button

I’m running training on aws batch (on docker image) and I want to be able to stop the run manually using the button on the wandb and ideally therefore stop that aws batch instance (since the command finished executing).
The training runs are using bot key that was given to me. And when I click the stop button (on website, using my account), it says I can’t view the page.
Is it a permission issue? Will it work as I described?

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Hi there,

Can you share a little more about how you’re running these runs? Are they attributed to your personal account or to a service account?

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basically we have a script to start up a aws docker run given a command, in this case to start training. The docker run stops when the command finished executing and I want to stop the training and thus stop the docker run.
It’s service account? work account.

Hi! Were you the original creator of the run? I think what is likely happening is that someone else created the run and therefore you may not have permissions to stop it.