Network error (ConnectTimeout), entering retry loop


After several tries I am getting stuck when finishing a run about data uploading. It always throws the same error and it seems it ‘kills’ my network, consuming all resources as when I try to access other pages the internet is very slow.

When I try to do the tests I always have a good connection (around 600Mb), and I tried on different days. I never have connection cuts, just when doing the run finish.

The error I have is the following:

To give more information, that happens when I try to upload a dir with 11k items and 7Gb.

Hey Mario!

We have been having an influx of traffic lately. Please try again and if you still run into the ConnectTimeout Network error, please send us your debug.log so we can take a closer look.

Hello Mario!

Just wanted to follow up and ask if you are still running into issues with uploading your data when finishing a run.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I tried with another machine with better network and worked. I don’t know if my ISP was blocking the upload too. But finally worked, with same code :slight_smile: Thanks!

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