Most of my visualizations not showing up

I am doing runs where I want to save several images/videos. However, only a small portion of them show up unfortunately. I couldn’t find them at first in the “Charts” section of my dashboard, but then I had to manually open them up by going to the “Media” section and clicking “Add Panel” and then either “Images” or “Video” and finding the media. I would like them all to show up, rather than just 12 of them. How can I achieve this?

Here, only 12 media show up, out of many more.


I have to then click at the “Add Panel” at the top, and then either “Images” or “Video”, and then scroll thru a bunch of them

This is very inefficient. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Hey kathan, what SDK version are you on? Also, to help me dig into this further, how are you logging your media? Any code snippet would be very helpful!

Hi Kathan,

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