Missing image panels in UI, even though media appears under files

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I am facing some issues seeing logged images in the UI. I log my images under pairs/train, pairs/Y18-jj-long, pairs/Y18-jj-long-augmented, and pairs/Y18-jj-short. However, not all panels (if any) would sometimes appear. I can find the media logged locally as well as in the project under Files > root / media / images / pairs. The code I use for logging these images goes as wandb_image = wandb.Image(image); wandb.log({f'pairs/{prefix}': wandb_image}, step=it), where image is an np.uint8 numpy array of shape (H, W, 3) with values in [0, 255]. I use wandb 0.15.2. The height and width of images vary across steps, one image was for example (3360, 4265, 3). These are example runs demonstrating the issue (part of a private project):

I tried clearing the workspace, logging to a different project, and logging to a different team/entity. I am facing this issue of images not appearing in a panel since yesterday. Until then I only had one “pairs/train” images logged and there were no major problems. Now I want to have 4 image panels under “pairs/…”. If relevant, wandb crashed a few times yesterday, asking me to fill a crash report for feedback, not sure if this is related. For more code context, the relevant part of the codebase is logged under “artifacts > code”.

Any ideas on why the images do not appear in a panel in the UI?
Should I be aware of certain limits of the UI or the amount of data logged or image resolution?

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How are you running your program? Is it with something like python3 train.py or is it something like python3 -m folder_name? There has been an issue before with code saving when running a module as a script so there may be an issue with modules and uploading images.

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