Logging values by a custom metric does not overwrite old logs in 0.16.0

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I can log time-dependent variables against a custom metric (e.g. performance array by time array) only once. However, I regularly re-evaluate runs and want the logs to update the history logs. This does not work irrespective of the “overwrite” flag in define_metric(), is not the behavior I would expect.

Could allow for overwriting? Here is a sample, that, if ran 2 times with different values, won’t update the logs.

      # values = [1, 1]
      # years = [2020, 2021]

      wandb.define_metric("year", overwrite=True)
      wandb.define_metric("performance", step_metric="year", overwrite=True)

      for i, y in enumerate(years):
          wandb.log({"performance": values[i], "year": y})

@Hi @juliusge ,

Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate you sending a sample of your work. I’ll investigate this and get back to you for updates.

Carlo Argel

hi @juliusge ,

I appreciate you providing the some information for your concern. Can you also send the debug.log and debug-internal.log file. These files are under your local folder wandb/run-<date>_<time>-<run-id>/logs in the same directory where you’re running your code.

Carlo Argel

Hi @juliusge , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

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