Local controller seems block

I make the following sweep (yaml) file:

program: train_mnist.py
method: grid
    values: [ step, cyclic ]
    values: [ 2, 4 ]
  goal: maximize
  name: test-result/accuracy
project: my-mnist-test-project
name: MNIST-Sweep-Test
description: test sweep demo

and I use local controller to perform sweep locally. However, it seems block here:

(pytorch) geyao@geyaodeMacBook-Air wandb_test % wandb sweep --controller sweep_config.yaml
wandb: Creating sweep from: sweep_config.yaml
wandb: Created sweep with ID: o2mzl569
wandb: View sweep at: https://wandb.ai/geyao/my-mnist-test-project/sweeps/o2mzl569
wandb: Run sweep agent with: wandb agent geyao/my-mnist-test-project/o2mzl569
wandb: Starting wandb controller...
Sweep: o2mzl569 (grid) | Runs: 0

# ------blocked here!------

When I turn off the network, it will be:

(pytorch) geyao@geyaodeMacBook-Air wandb_test % wandb sweep --controller sweep_config.yaml
wandb: Creating sweep from: sweep_config.yaml
wandb: Network error (ConnectionError), entering retry loop.

Why local controller tries to connect the network? How can I perform local sweep with/without network in the right way?

Hi @geyao , we will attempt to reproduce on our end and reply soon. When the sweep hangs, do any errors eventually print to terminal? Or do any debug logs for the run get generated under wandb//logs you can share with us?

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I don’t have any log information in my local wandb directory. But I find the below log in wandb cloud:

2022-08-23T02:43:06.098679 Created sweep z9kz3pzk
Using local controller...
2022-08-23T02:43:08.554205 Sweep configuration updated to: {"description":"test sweep demo","method":"grid","metric":{"goal":"maximize","name":"test-result/accuracy"},"name":"MNIST-Sweep-Test","parameters":{"epoch_total":{"values":[2,4]},"lr_schedule":{"values":["step","cyclic"]}},"program":"train_mnist.py","project":"my-mnist-test-project","controller":{"type":"local"}}

Hi @geyao , you aren’t blocked,

Sweep: o2mzl569 (grid) | Runs: 0 is expected behavior as your sweep will be in a ‘Pending’ state once you initiate the Local Controller. Once you begin running your sweep, wandb agent o2mzl569, your sweep will now execute and you can step through the sweep controller using your python script.

Thanks for your answer! It works when I start a new terminal to run the agent. But I still want to know: is it necessary for local controller to connect to W&B cloud service?

Hi @geyao , the local controller doesn’t have the full functionality of W&B cloud, and is not intended for actual hyperparameter optimization workloads. It’s intended for development and debugging of new algorithms for the Sweeps tool. You don’t need to connect to W&B cloud service to use the controller.

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