Invalid artifact

When trying to add a reference to an object stored on s3 I got a :

CommError: Invalid artifact path: s3://my_bucket_names/my_lang_folder/my_subfolder/my_file.json

I used : = wandb.init(

 for dataset in config.datasets:

I’m sure the dataset exists in this bucket. However, it’s a private bucket but I have access to it with my credentials.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Note for the posterity:

I managed to make it work by firstly creating an Artifact like so :

artifact = wandb.Artifact("dataset_name", type="train_dataset")
artifact.add_reference(f"s3://my_bucket/{make_path(dataset_metas['lang'],dataset_metas['type'],[],dataset_metas['name'],'json')}", name="dataset_name")

I’m glad you were able to solve your problem. Have a good rest of the day

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