Interactive plot in a wandb.table column

I have created a table with images as one of my columns.

  1. Is it possible to create a column of interactive plots in a wandb table?
    I suspect the answer is no since one must wrap any plot in wandb.Image().

  2. If it is not possible, how could one add an image plot, which, when clicked on, went to the underlying interactive plot? This would require understanding how interactive plots (normally shown in panels) are stored…

  3. Finally, an I create an artifact which is an interactive plot, and then create a link in a table to this plot?

Thanks for any insight!

Hey @erlebacher,

  1. Currently we support creating a columns of interactive plots in a wandb Table via Bokeh and plotly figures. Documentation can be found here.

  2. You can save the an interactive plot as an artifact and access the link to the artifact via a url similar to the following:<artifact_name/

*The remainder of your path will vary depending on the particular artifact you’re trying to access (dataset, model, etc), so I recommend checking out the UI prior to logging this column. Info about accessing artifact information via our API can be found in our docs.

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