How to trigger an update of the charts for a finished run

I’m using run.summary.update in order to modify the value of some metrics on a finished run. This all works fine and I can see the updated values in both the overview tab and the table in the runs tab. However it seems that the charts do not update at all and the previous values are still shown. Is there a way to trigger an update for these charts?

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To address the issue of charts not updating after modifying the summary of a finished run in Weights & Biases, it’s important to understand how W&B handles data and visualizations. When you update the summary of a run using run.summary.update, the changes are reflected in the overview tab and the runs table because these areas directly display the latest summary data. However, charts created before the update may not automatically refresh to display the new values.

Here are steps you can take to manually trigger chart updates in Weights & Biases:

  1. Save and Refresh: After updating the run summary, save your changes and manually refresh the dashboard. This can sometimes trigger the charts to update with the new summary data.

  2. Recreate the Charts: If the charts do not update automatically after a refresh, you may need to recreate the charts using the updated summary data. This ensures that the charts pull in the latest data from the run summaries.

  3. Use the API for Dynamic Updates: For more dynamic updates, consider using the W&B API to programmatically update charts based on the latest run summaries. This approach allows for more control over when and how charts are updated.

  4. Check Custom Chart Settings: If you’re using custom charts, ensure that the chart settings are configured to pull the latest data. Custom charts use GraphQL queries to fetch data, so you may need to adjust the query or the chart settings to ensure it reflects the updated summaries.

  5. Consult Documentation and Community: Review the W&B documentation on Custom Charts and explore the W&B Community forums for additional insights or similar use cases. The community or official guides may offer specific advice or workarounds for refreshing charts.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct method mentioned in the provided documentation for triggering an automatic update of charts after changing the summary of a finished run. If the issue persists or if the above steps do not resolve the problem, consider reaching out to W&B support or the community forums for further assistance.

Remember, the ability to dynamically update visualizations based on new or modified data is crucial for maintaining accurate and up-to-date dashboards. While some manual intervention may be required, leveraging the W&B API and consulting the documentation can provide additional flexibility and control over your data visualizations.

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The nice bot advised me to use the API to trigger an update on the charts. This sounds like a fine solution indeed but I wasn’t able to find any reference to a relevant way to do this from the documentation. Is there such a thing or is the bot just pretending?

Deleting an recreating the graphs also works but it would be pretty annoying since I have a lot of graphs to update