How to retrieve the tracked metrics

I am tracking metrics by using the wandb.log() method . I would like later to be able to retrieve some of the metrics. I see some suggests the attribute history of run, but this seems not exists . The summary attribute also seems to do the job, but it would return only the “last” ones. Is there a way to return everything that was logged with the log method?

There are some code snippets on the project overview page:

import wandb
api = wandb.Api()

# run is specified by <entity>/<project>/<run_id>
run ="<entity>/<project>/<run_id>")

# save the metrics for the run to a csv file
metrics_dataframe = run.history()
import wandb
api = wandb.Api()

run ="<entity>/<project>/<run_id>")
history = run.scan_history()
losses = [row["loss"] for row in history]```

Hi @davideseddio thanks for writing in! The Summary metrics are indeed the last value of your logged metrics. If you’re logging metrics over time/steps then you could retrieve them using our Public API with the methods history and scan_history. The difference between the two is that the latter would return the unsampled metrics (all your steps) while the former returns sampled metrics (similar as rendered in the W&B App’s Workspace).

Please find below an example from our Docs and feel free to ask if you had any other questions:

run ="l2k2/examples-numpy-boston/i0wt6xua")
history = run.scan_history(keys=["Loss"])
losses = [row["Loss"] for row in history]

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