How to log the learning rate with pytorch lightning when using a scheduler?

I’ve been trying to find some documentation, I don’t want to save all the hyperparameters each epoch, just the learning rate.
Would be so great if you can help me out.



Hi Oli,

Just double checking, are you talking about running sweeps?


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I’m also wondering how this is done! Whether within a sweep configuration or not - when using a lr scheduler, I am trying to track the lr at epoch during training, as it is now dynamic. Even within a sweep, you will have some initial lr determined during the sweep, but it will not stay constant for the duration of training.


The example on the lightning site here worked for me:

>>> from pytorch_lightning.callbacks import LearningRateMonitor
>>> lr_monitor = LearningRateMonitor(logging_interval='step')
>>> trainer = Trainer(callbacks=[lr_monitor])

Passing the WandBLogger to the trainer I see my lr is logged on the wandb dashboard.


Hi there, yes,
sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get any notification from your answers, but now I got one from Chris’s.

What worked for chris also worked for me.


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