How to increase `_service_wait`?


When running multiple experiments in parallel I often get the following error:

wandb.sdk.service.service.ServiceStartTimeoutError: Timed out waiting for wandb service to start after 30.0 seconds. Try increasing the timeout with the `_service_wait` setting.

which seems to suggest a solution, but after many attempts I am still unable to increase the timeout! Currently in my wandb.init I have


But this has no effect, the timeouts still take place, and the error message says [...] after 30.0 seconds..

Q: How to increase it?

wandb==0.15.9 but I can update if that helps

PS In this github issue people also mention a solution with env variable, but there is no consensus on whether it works. I would prefer a solution in the python script.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out for support. Happy to help. Can you try setting up this environment variable to test

import os

Carlo Argel

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