How to delete corporate account?

Hi, I would like to delete a corporate account I created by mistake, it’s called visual_prompt-org.

Hello @yuangpeng , happy to help! By corporate account, do you mean a Team? If it is a team that you created you can delete by going to Team Settings , you may find the Delete button at the bottom of the page. If it is an Org, we can help you with that as long as you are the owner.

I think it is an Org, please help me delete it.

I also noticed this, does it mean that personal accounts actually belong to a team?

Hi @yuangpeng , you need to delete the team inside the org first, if you are the one who created yuangpeng Team. Then let us know so we can assist deleting the ORG visual_prompt-org.

It seems that there is no other team in org

yuangpeng is my username, and I have not found the yuangpeng team in either my personal account or org account. When I enter my personal account and click on “Create a team to collaborate,” it does indeed display the following content, saying that I have a team called “yuangpeng.”

I want to ask if deleting the org account will not affect my wandb projects in the personal account, right?

Hey @yuangpeng, I have just deleted your organization visual_prompt-org so you should be able to create the academic one now

Hi, could you please delete my corporate account too? It’s called sfu-org

Hi I would also kindly need my org account to be deleted, its called CV2_Group5-org.
I was also wondering whether there are plans to allow users to delete org accounts themselves in the future?

Hi, could you also help delete my organization “multiview_human-org”?
I wrongly created a corporate team, and the organization is still there after I deleted the team I created.

please delete my org account “delete-corporate” too

please also delete ma24-org for me. Thanks.

hi ,please also delete tsinghua-university-org for me,thank you so much