How to debug while running sweeps

Hi, I am new to wandb.
I set up a sweeps-based hyperparameter optimization in a script.
I frequently encounter some small errors, but it is really very inconvenient to debug with wandb; because the error that is logged in console is has only the error message, while line and other are hidden.

Is there an official way to debug in wandb during a sweep?
Better if there is an interactive way to debug; it is so painful to just print in console when you have complex code.

Thank you in advance

Hi @gianfa ,

Currently sweeps doesn’t support Debug mode in some IDEs. Could you please share what are the errors you are encountering so we can look into it.

Thank you.

@joana-marie thank you for responding to me.
As for my code, they are generally simple errors, but difficult to find because they are missing line reference or stack trace. In any case I solved it, thank you for your kindness.

I will accept that there is no debug mode yet

No worries @gianfa . Feel free to reach us out anytime. Thank you for understanding too and glad that it was now okay in your end. Have a great day ahead!

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